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Murat - a modern alchemist

Murat's art begins with his ability to develop unique alloys and beautiful cymbal designs. Murat and his team are following the aim of creating charming and balanced sounds to enable every sophisticated drummer to improve their artistic expression and gain the real joy of drumming by the quality of traditionally forged cymbals, with great responsiveness and rich sounds. 


We are beyond honoured that Murat himself will be coming to this years show. 

Murat will give demonstration on how he hand hammers and crafts his amazing cymbals. 

The Cambridge Drum Company combines classic drum tones with modern manufacturing techniques to produce it's 'Modern Vintage' bespoke drums. Check out

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"Cambridge Drums are without doubt the most focused & musical drums I have ever played. In the studio or live they provide a fantastic vehicle to carry me to wherever I wish to go. Amazing."

Gilson Lavis.


Craig McKean is owner and operator  at AVA DRUMS

and he is one of our own, originally from Lifford in Co.Donegal, Ireland. 


AVA Drums Is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Drum building has become Craig's major passion, and he focuses mainly on stave drum construction. Craig has spent  5 years developing his shells and finishing technique before he was content with his product.

Check out 

for more details on stave drums, their construction and more!


"I like to think that my shells have taken stave construction to the next level"



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