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Experience Rooms

Get to the show early to sign up for our limited availability experience room events


Sound Bath Meditation-

By Fiona from

Lámh Clinic

Fiona's boasts an array of instruments, each with its unique tonal qualities and vibrational frequencies. Her Sound Family have grown to include crystal singing bowls, chimes, gongs, drums, plus other instruments. She has honed her skills in creating harmonious compositions, each session is unique, with no set piece, always new.


Ria Rua - 

"Hit like a drummer"

Talks about growing up as a drummer/percussionist in Ireland, the challenges and struggles and most importantly trying to follow Richard Feynman's great advice "What Do You Care What Other People Think?" 


Remo Tuning Masterclass


Gary Husband -

"Jazz Experience"

John Tierney and Adam Downey in association with Remo Drum Heads will be hosting an 'All You Need To Know About Drum Tuning' masterclass

This masterclass is a ’round the campfire’, informative session, to get the very best out of your heads and drum sound!

Details to follow

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