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Flint® Percussion is a family business based in the North-West of England, established in 2005. The company began as a result of their young daughter wishing to play the marching drum in a local pipe band, but at only 10 years of age it was immediately apparent that the standard marching drum would be too heavy for her to carry and play. Coming from an engineering background, Flint began to look for ways to redesign these drums to reduce weight without impacting sound and material quality.

After several years of research and development, they invented the Suspended ShellTM system, where only the drum skins are in contact with the shell and tension is achieved on both skins through the shell itself via a surrounding cage. This resulted in the lightest high-tension marching snare drum ever made. They then went on to produce other drums using the same Suspended ShellTM system, offering a full range of ultra-lightweight marching drums.

 Now you can see these amazing light weight marching drums next Sunday at the Galway Drum Show.

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We at the GDS22 have some very exciting news!

We can confirm that the GDS22 is the first place in Ireland you are going to be able to try and buy BALBEX Drumsticks.

Balbex Drumsticks will be your new home for high quality drumsticks. 

Balbex pride themselves on being a small, independent, family owned business, where since 1997 they’ve produced their very own drumsticks exclusively in-house, from start to finish by their highly experienced team.

Firstly they select the finest and highest quality of materials, and go on to craft drumsticks, employing their tailor made precision tools and machinery that result in offering a pair of drumsticks you can rely on, for optimum weight, balance and endurance.

All sticks from their Premium Hickory range feature their unique ‘DOUBLE GRIP ™’ finish as standard, which gives both greater structural integrity to the wood and also improved grip to reduce potential slippage, when playing for intense and prolonged periods.

Their Premium Hickory sticks are then finally paired with a tolerance of no more than +/- 2g per stick before being stored under strict conditions that offer low air humidity and a constant ambient temperature to prevent any micro deformation prior to being shipped across the world.

Ireland here they come!!!

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